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Our mission is to provide a place of refuge for young mothers. Operating under the belief that transformation starts with an experience.

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DesignEmpowering Mothers

Deborah's Place of Refuge was created to empower young mothers through hands on parenting education skills, teaching self confidence, programs promoting independence and self sufficiency.

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IdeasPromoting Change

Deborah's Place of Refuge offers free classes which promote change. Teaching values young women can demonstrate, uphold, and teach their children.

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A Place of Peace & Refuge

The mission of Deborah's Place of Refuge is to provide a place of refuge for young mothers. Deborah's Place of Refuge operates with the belief that transformation starts with an experience. Providing a loving and nurturing environment to promote personal change, strengthen values young women can demonstrate, uphold, and teach their children. Promoting lasting affirmative relationships with peers in similar situations.

Deborah's Place of Refuge provides an environment for young mothers to transition from the experiences they bring to the program to new, healthy experiences. Already troubled by childhood experiences of abandonment, neglect or abuse and lacking consistent parenting themselves, these young women barely have the skills to become successful independent adults or competent parents. Some failed to complete their education, leaving them poorly prepared to find significant or fulfilling employment. Deborah's Place of Refuge has developed training exercises and programs for young women which will benefit their lives, their environment and stopping these vicious cycle.

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house of empowerment

Deborah's Place of Refuge, is a for for unwed mothers and their child(ren). Teaching parenting skills, child development activities, and promoting education to help these young women become self sufficient young mothers.

Vanessa Davis, Director

Values Young Women Can Demonstrate

Deborah's Place of Refuge initial focus will be basic living skills and child development. We target these fundamental areas; studies indicate that money management, consumer skills, education, employment, and child development positively influence youth. Those who have received training in these areas have shown significant improvement. We plan to have weekly meetings, home visits, hands-on parenting activities and child development training on-site.

The program will serve young mothers whose ages range from seventeen to twenty-three. Our goals are to mentor these young moms, who may (or may not) have completed parenting education with other agencies. The program is designed to assist them in becoming self confident, independent, self sufficient educated mothers. We believe the ongoing relationship with a caring adult helps in the transition as the young women take steps to live on their own and learn to care for themselves and their children. We will meet with them once a week, based on individual needs. Each mentoring relationship will be structured to meet the specific needs of each mother. Some young women will need continued support in parenting; others will want to focus on employment and job readiness. We will also focus on budgeting, grocery shopping, time management, and scheduling. Services will be provided on site and there will be some home visits.

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house of empowerment

Teaching values young women can demonstrate, uphold, and teach their children.

Vanessa Davis, Director

Family Development & Parenting Program

The project is an effort that began with a small group of young women and plant seeds of change in each of them. Not all of them did responded, but we do not begin the project with that in mind. As each family is positively impacted, and each child given the chance for a new beginning, our society is changed. As these young mothers obtain their G.E.D's and perhaps even higher education, they face the possibility of earning higher income, and their opportunity for economic enhancement is increased. As far as justice is concerned, as the population is more informed, and as their lives as mothers will be exposed to community learners and business entrepreneur who can discuss the positive consequences of their development. One motivation for these mothers can be retaining custody of their children.

The program will have a peer review board, which will address and discuss "drama" or current crises the young women face and bring to the attention of the group. This will allow peers to address issues on contemporary level. It further allows the women to develop leadership skills and explore decision making in crisis situations for others, then apply those decisions of the process of making them to their own lives. This is the component that addresses conflict resolution and anger management, which will be gratifying, and will promote social change as well.

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house of empowerment

We believe that transformation starts with an experience.

Vanessa Davis, Director

Family Development

  • Healthy Relationships
  • Nutrition / Child Development
  • Budgeting / Financial Education
  • Time Management / Organization
  • Job Readiness

Independent Living

  • Housekeeping
  • Home Visitations
  • Mentorship
  • Guidance Program

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house of empowerment

Deborah's Place of Refuge, is a home for unwed mothers and their child(ren). Teaching parenting skills, child development activities, and promoting education to help these young women become self sufficient young mothers.

Vanessa Davis, Director


Deborah's Place, Director

Vanessa Davis is the wife of Michael Davis, mother of three sons and a native Clevelander who is a graduate of East High School. She is currently enrolled at Cuyahoga Community College where she will receive her Associates degree in Early Childhood Education, and go on to get her Bachelors' in Family Counseling. She completed a Certified Training Program for DEVOS Urban Youth Leadership Initiative. Certification's also includes, Infant Brain Development; The Incredible Years; Mediation & Conflict Resolution. Training in Youth Anger Management, Teen Parenting, and Mentoring.
Being a teen mother herself is clearly understands the struggles and the lack of parenting education young mothers have. And with her own struggles of being a teenage mother and always having a knack for business Vanessa operated her own business as home daycare provider for 15 years. Her early childhood experience with children and the passion she had not only for their development but also educating and assisting their parents was a gift Vanessa shared however she could. Although she kept children all day this did not stop her from Volunteering her time at the Cleveland Church of Christ, Youth House. Vanessa worked with children several times a week even created overnight programs and seminars always encouraging others to join her for the sake of the youth. Vanessa's passion being so apparent, in 2007 she became the Youth Director of the Cleveland Church of Christ Citadel of Hope, after being the assistant to the Director for five years, it only seemed fit that Vanessa fill the assignment. Vanessa has directed over 25 volunteers and staff at the Youth House working with youth ages 5 and up. Over Vanessa's tenure many programs have been added such as male and female etiquette classes, school supply give always, and Daughters of Zion Sleepover, community partnership with Inter Beauty Foundation, (back to school barber and beauty bash) Youth Day of Grooming.
In 2008 Vanessa joined the Beech Brook, Carl B. Stokes drop in center were she took on the roll of childcare provider, teen parenting facilitator, and parenting facilitator for women in recovery (orca house). It wasn't long before Vanessa's gift of working with young people was realized; she was offered the position of Lead Coordinator of the Mom's and Mentors program where she train volunteers, and coach them to mentor teen moms who have aged out of foster care. After seeing so many obstacles and unmet needs that women encounter in general and then adding poverty, single motherhood, lack of education, and little or no support system to their life Vanessa felt this was the time to put into fruition a lifelong dream and with that came Deborah's Place. Deborah's Place is a nonprofit organization that provides peace and refuge for young mothers, our goal is to house these young mothers and walk with them through a process of child development, motherhood, education and homeownership. Whom God calls He also qualifies with years of train, personal experience, and a passion that is indescribable. So, it's no surprise that Vanessa Davis is currently the Executive Director of Deborah’s Place.


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